Student Placement Policy


We recognise that the quality and variety of work which goes on in a playgroup makes it an ideal place for students on placement from school and college childcare courses as well as those on the Diploma in Pre-school Practice or NVQ’s. A maximum of 2 students at a time are welcome into the pre-school on the following conditions:


·         The needs of the children are paramount. Students will not be admitted in numbers, which hinder the essential work of the pre-school.

·         Students must be confirmed by their tutors as being engaged in a childcare course, which provides necessary background understanding of children’s development and activities.

·         Unless registered as fit persons, students will not have unrestricted access to children.

·         Students required conducting child studies would obtain written permission from the parents of the child to be studied.

·         Any information gained by the students about the children, families or other adults in the playgroup must remain confidential


Written  03/05/09

Review    03/05/10


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