Special Educational Needs Policy



The aim of our playgroup is to create opportunities for all children to access our play and learning environment. The individual needs of the children are taken in to account when planning activities. The environment for all children is safe. We welcome all children including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We liaise with parents and other professionals in order to provide the best care for the children. We carry out observations and assessments and pay regard to the Code of Practice for SEN (2001). All information is confidential.

All applications are treated equally regardless of the child’s SEN. At our playgroup we take a maximum of 22 children per session. There is no limit to the number of children attending with a SEN with appropriate adult support. We will offer the parents and child with SEN our full support to help develop their skills within our setting. The playgroup rooms are on ground level. There is a grassed outside play area that is fenced in.


Identification and assessment of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our named Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is the manager Jayne Allinson



·         Initial concerns/lack of adequate progress

·         Staff observations of children in relation to the concern

·         Discussion with all staff members to share observations and concerns and determine further action

·         Share concerns with parents/carers.

Early Years Action

·         Further observations and other assessments to gather evidence to support targets

·         Discussion with parents/carers sharing observations and assessments

·         Individual Educational Plans (IEP)s are devised identifying additional or different activities from those provided as part of the settings usual curriculum and strategies

·         Monitor progress

·         Regular IEP reviews with key worker, parents and SENCO

Early Years Action Plus

·         Continued concerns and lack of adequate progress

·         Support and advise outside agencies

·          IEP reviewed and revised regularly (every half term or sooner) with the support of outside agencies, key worker, parents and the SENCO

·         Monitoring of progress


Children with SEN have access to the full Early Years curriculum. Support to access this might be in the form of additional adult support, different resources/equipment, adaptation of the curriculum and advice from outside agencies.


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators


All members of staff alongside the SENCO will be responsible for collating information and carrying out up to date observations and IEP’s with regard to the SEN Code of Practice

(2001). All staff will attend regular staff meetings allowing for information to be shared and kept up to date. Staff will have the opportunity to attend SEN training courses when available.

The SENCO will be responsible for the day to day operation of the SEN policy liaising with and advising parents/carers, staff and outside agencies and co-ordinating provision for children with SEN.

The SENCO will review the SEN policy on an annual basis to check that it is still appropriate, working well and easily accessible to parents/carers and staff.


Recording and Monitoring Progress


At Ducklings we operate a system of written observations and record keeping in each childs individual learning journey which enables staff to monitor progress on an individual basis in consultation with parents and if necessary outside agencies. Individual targets on IEP’s will be closely monitored and progress recorded on the IEP ready for discussion at the review.



Written 04/05/09

Review   04/05/10


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