Lost and Uncollected Child Policy

Lost child

Within the children’s room or garden area

In the unlikely event of a child being lost Ducklings would follow this procedure:

  • Check register for the attendance of the children
  • Search the building
  • Alert reception / 999
  • Place the remaining children together and take register again
  • 2 staff to search surrounding areas
  • Await news and alert parent
  • Log the incident

Non-Collection of Children


Ducklings have a system set in place should a parent/authorised adult fail to collect a child at the end of the session, to ensure that a member of staff will look after and carry out the correct procedures to keep the stress of children and parents to a minimum.


·         Ensure registration forms are complete and up-to-date with information including:

    1. Home address and telephone number (or the telephone number of a neighbour)
    2. Place of work, address and telephone number
    3. Mobile telephone number (if applicable)
    4. Emergency contact numbers and names
    5. Information about all persons who are authorised to collect the child
    6. Information about any person who does not have legal access to the child


·         Ensure that parents are aware that if they are going to be late, a contingency plan is put into operation so that the child can be collected on time.  Staff must also be privy to this information as they will not allow a child to leave the premises with an adult who is not known to them, or whom they have not been informed of

Failure to make contact


If all options are explored and there has been a failure to make contact with any authorised adult to collect the child, the following must occur:

·         All emergency contact numbers in the  child’s record are called

·         Ducklings will contact our local authority social services department, one of the numbers below to seek advice

·         The child will stay at Ducklings in the care of two fully-vetted workers until the child is collected either by the parents or a social worker

·         Social Services will endeavour to find or make contact with the parents or relatives, but if this is not possible, the child will be admitted into the care of the local authority

·         Staff must not go and look for the parent, nor take the child home with them

·         A record of the incident must be recorded on the child's file the following working day

·         Ofsted may be informed on 08456 404040

Local social services – Ripon

Emergency Duty Team

0845 0349410


Local Police Station

0845 6060247




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