Equal Opportunities Policy

We aim to provide a setting that is free from discrimination, either direct or indirect, by educating our young children to celebrate cultures, religions and races throughout the world. Our children are looked after and educated in a setting which is non-gender stereotypical and promotes positive role models globally in many facets of life, such religion, politics and sport. Our policy and procedures adhere to the Race Relations Act 1976 in that we will not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

We achieve this by:

  • Removing barriers to learning so that every child has an equal access to the full range of educational and care aspects of attending Ducklings
  • Employing staff who receive training and support to ensure their delivery is reflective of current government legislation with regards to Equal Opportunities
  • Practitioners being positive role models who treat all within the community of Ducklings with respect, without exception
  • Adhering to the Government legislation of 'Every Child Matters' (2003)


The following procedures have been highlighted for the welfare and safeguarding of all children:

·         Duckling’s has zero tolerance of racism within the setting, and will act swiftly to address any matters that are raised by children, staff or parents.  Action will be taken immediately should this be the case

  • We promote a global picture and endeavour to make our setting welcoming for all
  • We use books which allow us to celebrate daily events from different parts of the world which we can include in our planning for the benefit of all children
  • Our parent partnership is designed to meet the needs of all parents, and events that are special to a particular family are identified and planned effectively for
  • We support children to understand the importance of kindness, consideration and fairness to all, and concentrate on positive behaviour which works in partnership with behavioural management



The Role of the Staff

Staff are expected to adhere to this policy and to carry out procedures to reduce or eliminate any aspects of equal opportunities that may be encountered by:

  • Ensuring that all children are treated fairly and with equal regard
  • Ensure that children with disabilities are included fully in activities or that 'reasonable adjustments' are made for them (DDA 2005)
  • To review policies yearly to ensure they are up-to-date and reflective of current practice
  • Safeguard children from discrimination, and act on any issues that may arise or seek support from the manager
  • To provide toys and activities that are gender non-stereotypical and are fully inclusive
  • Ensuring that colour is not accredited to gender
  • Plan carefully and use supporting literature which promotes the significant contributions of women, for example, or people from non-European countries

The Role of the Manager

The Manager is responsible for equality throughout the setting.  They are expected to:

  • Implement and explain the Equal Opportunities Policy to staff and their roles within
  • To provide training for new staff and refresher courses for staff who may not have attended training for some time
  • Be involved with the recruitment of new staff with keen regard to the role of the practitioner with a particular emphasis on equal opportunities
  • Treat and deal swiftly and effectively with any reports of anti-discriminatory practice throughout the setting

Monitoring and Review

The overall responsibility for monitoring and the review of the effectiveness of the policy lies with the Manager, who is supported by the registered person.  This must include:

  • Monitoring the progress of minority groups and making comparisons with the rest of the group (looking at stage of development)
  • Monitoring and reviewing the staff recruitment policy
  • To monitor the outcomes of complaints relating to equal opportunities and to review the effectiveness of the outcomes
  • To monitor and review the Behavioural Policy and procedures, and to ensure that they are working in partnership


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