Confidentiality Policy


All information on children, families and anyone working at Ducklings is kept securely and treated in confidence. Information will only be shared if the parents/carers/co-workers give their permission or there appears to be a child protection issue. All details will be kept confidential and records are kept secure. The details are easily accessible if any information is required for inspection by Ofsted or Social Services.



All parents have access to a copy of our policies and procedures, which detail how we run our setting. We have a copy available for loan to take home, or on the notice board.


Our certificate of registration is displayed and available to all parents.


Ducklings are aware of our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Children’s Act 2004.


We maintain a record of parents’ and/or emergency contact details, the contact details of the child’s GP and appropriate signed consent forms.


Duckling’s expect parents to inform us of any changes in the child’s home circumstances, care arrangements or any other change which may affect the child’s behaviour such as a new baby, parents’ separation, divorce, new partner or any bereavement.


All information shared will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed without the parents’ consent, except as required by law, for example, if there appears to be a child protection issue. Please see our Safeguarding Children policy.


Ofsted may require too see our records at any time.


Parents have the right to inspect all records about their child at any time.


All accidents are recorded in an accident book. All accidents and injuries however trivial, will be recorded.


All significant incidents are recorded in an incident book and will be shared and discussed with parents so that together we can work to resolve any issues.





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